Spring-Summer Dates

Summertime is my favorite time of year. Days are longer, nights are warmer, and lots of outside fun.

Many of my favorite dates are FREE or minimal with planning

1. Memphis in May Sunset Symphony- FREE:

  • Website go HERE
  • Take a blanket, sit on the bluff of the Riverwalk, and take a fancy, homemade picnic:
  1. drink: peach tea(Put in large mason jar. Bring small mason jars for each of you) 
  2. appetizer: corn zucchini fritters sandwiches with bacon, tomato, cheddar slice and avacado
  3. sidesouthwest couscous salad
  4. sideEmily's Salad (dressing separate in a mason jar)
  5. main: beef tenderloin sandwiches (slices of beef on a baguette with herb mayo) or chicken bacon sandwiches
  6. dessert: chocolate cobbler (put in small mason jar) 

2. Memphis BBQ Fest- FREE -$20:

  • It's good to know some who has a booth at the festival! Otherwise, you'll buy food from a vendor. It's just not the same. 

3. Drive-In- $7.50 a ticket:
  1. Take you own food like a pizza, take-out, or picnic:

    2. other items to bring with you:
  • chairs
  • blanket
  • pillows
  • air mattress (if you are in a truck-put mattress in truck bed and pile with blankets and pillows)
  • citronella candles (at least three to light around you)
  • Cooler of drinks
  • bug spray
  • Frisbee  (to kill time before movie starts)

4. Botanic Gardens- Live at the Garden concert series- 
       *This is a wonderfully romantic nighttime concert series. Get there early to set up. Take chairs, blankets, citronella candles. Order food there or take a romantic picnic. (This is also fun with friends)
  • Picnic Ideas:(packed in roller cooler)
  1. drink: Raspberry sweet tea
  2. appetizer: assorted cheese & crackers & olives
  3. side: fruit salad
  4. side: broccoli salad
  5. Main: crepe filled with chicken, cheddar cheese, spinach, and raspberry drizzle. (rolled up into a cone and wrapped in foil) 
  6. dessert:  chocolate toffee saltines

5. Kix 106 Summer Concert Series(Memphis/Midsouth Area)- FREE:
  • Plan a warm summer night at an outdoor concert. Eat somewhere before or order food at a vendor before you get there. 
  • If you plan on sitting in the grassy area take blanket & bug spray/citronella candle. 

6. Kayak Shelby Farms Patriot Lake- Mid-Morning/early afternoon- FREE:  
  • take your own kayak or canoe. Or rent a paddle boat. 
  • Take a simple sandwich and chip picnic
  • If you don't want to deal with a picnic get food from the food truck or go to Whole Foods. 

7. Outdoor Patio Dinner- at Home- FREE:
  1. After kids are settle for the evening, grill something special with your spouse. Sit around the fire pit under the stars
  2. Bring your TV outside and attach to the outside patio wall(buy a wall installation kit from walmart). Watch a movie or favorite TV show.

8. Outdoor patio Dinner- at restaurant- $10-... :

  • South Of Beale
  • Cafe Eclectic
  • Flight
  • Huey's
  • The Elegant Farmer
  • Slider Inn
  • Hog & Hominy
  • Majectic Grille

9. Overton Square- Thursdays Squared- $5-15:
  • OS Tower Courtyard-located at Florence and Trimble Place (the big colorful tower)
  • Thursdays 6pm-11pm
  • April 17th- August 28th
  • must be 21 and older to enter official concert area
  • go HERE for the line-up of artists

**I love to store all of my side dishes, desserts and drinks in assorted sizes of mason jars. Easy to stack and store in picnic baskets and coolers. Don't forget cutlery and napkins! Wrap cutlery in napkins and tie together with a ribbon or yarn.