End of the School Year Bucket

This bucket is waiting for the boys when they wake up on the their first morning of Summer Vacation from school!

This is also great for the times when

 kids say, "I'm Bored!!". 


It includes things we will do and use for the summer activities. Things like:

  • water balloons
  • marshmallows and roasting sticks
  • bubbles
  • Coke with Mentos taped to it
  • movie candy
  • slip n' slide
  • flashlights
  • puzzles
  • sidewalk chalk
  • sunscreen
  • Lists of Summer Fun~ Oh The Places We Will Go Theme( Detailed Lists here)
  • water toys
  • glow sticks
  • Frisbees

These items are from the dollar store or Walmart or we already have the items. I like to tie a note to it with instructions of what it's for and when we will use it.  I know they will be tempted to get everything out at once, but I keep it and get out only what we need/decide to do.